Now Hiring:Manufacturing Technicians in Austin

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Job Description: Kelly Services is hiring 1st and 3rd shift manufacturing technicians at a Fortune 500 company in Austin! (78754 zip code)

Location makes adhesives, resins and cleaning agents. As a Technician you will change, load and offload chemicals in drums, bottles, totes, bulk tankers and cylinders using hoses and other equipment, working as a two-person team (training provided).

In some cases, you will wear Supplied Contained Breathing Air Respirator (this type of respirator provides air from a cylinder through a mask connected to the cylinder) while working with chemicals (approx. 10-15 minutes).

You may need to climb a tanker truck (18-wheeler) to off-load chemicals into a drum.

You may also perform noninvasive preventative maintenance

12-hour shifts working on an alternating schedule of 36 hours one week and 48 hours the next week.

Choose from Day shift 6:00 am-6:00 pm $17.25/hour or Night shift 6:00 pm-6:00 am $18.25/hour

First 30 days is Monday-Friday for training; then will be placed on a shift. You must be flexible to work both day and night shifts if needed.

Long term (2 year) contract

Physical demands on the job include walking (up to 5-6 miles/day), climbing ladders, lifting 25-50 lbs., bending down, stepping up and down in close quarters. Some areas require the use of hearing protection. You'll wear a hard hat, safety glasses and steel toed shoes at all times.

If you have any sort of physical work experience (manufacturing, warehouse, stocking shelves, machine operation etc.) and a high school diploma or GED we would love to speak with you!

Work attire: Jeans are fine (no shorts), shirts with collars preferred (polos or button shirts). Vouchers are provided to purchase safety boots. PPE made available to workers include safety glasses, hard hat, ear plugs, chemical apron, gloves, etc.

Paid weekly

Benefits available after 30 days

This position is recruited for by a remote Kelly office, not your local Kelly branch. To be considered for this position, email Michelle Falardeau at and include your resume as a Microsoft word document (not PDF).

• High School Diploma or equivalent.
• At least one year of experience performing physical work (warehouse, labor, construction, stocking shelves, manufacturing etc.)
• Strong mechanical aptitude, troubleshooting skills and hands-on technical and/or electronics experience preferred.
• Must be a strong team player and willing to work rotating shifts, on-call schedule, holidays, weekends or off shifts.
• Willing to perform physical labor which is generally associated with cylinder and drum movements.
• A Fit for Duty Evaluation will be required: occasional lifting and carrying 25-50 lbs., frequent movements like bending, stooping, squatting, reaching above shoulders, pushing & pulling, exposure to changes in temperature/humidity and wearing protective equipment like respirator & ear plugs (not climate-controlled environment).
• During some tasks, technician will be required to climb ladders, wear fall protection and work from an elevated platform.
• Contractors require the clearance to wear a respirator, a Scott full face respirator. It is a supplied air respirator and not just a breathing mask.
• Must be willing to perform physical labor which is generally associated with cylinder and drum movements. A Fit for Duty Evaluation will be required prior to reporting and annually which include: Pulmonary Function Test for wearing a respirator, audiogram baseline for wearing hearing protection, physical exam.
• Workers are required to complete hazardous communication training (Right to Know) before work. There are no planned activities or work in which a worker is exposed to any of the products used onsite.

: Michelle

Job Type: W2 - Employee

Felony Policy : We make exceptions some felons (depending on the nature of the crime)


The location of the job is:12100 Samsung Blvd

: Austin

: Texas

: 78754

You can contact us via email

Or give us a call!: xxxx

Categories: Manufacturing


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