Now Hiring:General Labor/Production Operator

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Job Description: Location: Brighton, MI

1st Shift: Monday through Friday7am- 3:30pm, overtime available

2nd Shift: Monday through Thursday 5pm - 5am, overtime available

Job Description:

Working for a company refurbishing shipping containers. You will be doing some sanding, working with drills, hand tools, 8 pound sledge hammer, Pneumatic drivers, plyers, channel locks, grinders, and wire brushes to prep for paint.


- Must be comfortable using the computer (data entry).

- Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

- Must have steel toe boots

: Melissa

Job Type: W2 - Employee

Felony Policy : We make exceptions some felons (depending on the nature of the crime)


The location of the job is:27041 Southfield Rd Suite 101

: Lathrup Village

: Michigan

: 48076

You can contact us via email

Or give us a call!:(248) 438-5113 ext 124

Categories: General Labor, Manufacturing, Other

: Production, Warehouse, Factory

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