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Job Description: American Trucking and Logistics Inc is Currently Seeking Owner Operators in Your Area!

100% Owner Operator, 100% Van or Reefer 80% paid to you!!
It doesn’t get much better than that. American Trucking and Logistics Inc is looking to partner with the most professional, qualified Van drivers in your area for immediate driving opportunities. With the entire American Trucking and Logistics Inc team behind you – you’ll have all the tools and resources you need to run your own business successfully.

How You’re Paid:
o 80% to start
o Direct Deposit each Friday
o Our contractors are currently averaging approximately $5,500 – $6,500 a week in gross revenue, or $260,000 PLUS a year in gross revenue. Some are doing much more!
o Contractors at American Trucking and Logistics Inc are compensated based on a fixed percentage of the revenue generated from the freight they haul. Quite simply – as rates increase, so does your compensation.
o In addition, with our longevity bonus program, the longer you stay, the more you get paid with annual percentage increases up to 82%.
o Yearly Bonuses
o Clean Roadside Bonuses

What You’ll Haul:
The American Trucking and Logistics Inc fleet transports a variety of van and Refrigerated products, including
o Grocery
o Auto Parts
o Building materials/products
o Machinery

Where and How You’ll Run:
o Our freight is in all 48 states . . . with most of our freight lanes concentrated in the Midwest, the South, the Southeast, and some Northeast.
o We are 100% NON-FORCED dispatch, and with a fleet of 100% Owner Operators you can rest assured you’re never competing with company drivers for freight.
o Our drivers get the added benefits of personal attention that mega carriers just can’t match . . . with a 25 to 1 Driver to Fleet Manager ratio – we BLOW away mega carrier ratios of up to 100 drivers per board. Don’t talk to a Qualcomm unit, you talk to your dispatcher.
o Home time is up to you, we have selected areas where weekend home time is an option.
Owner Operator Details – Bring Your Own Truck
o Accepting any age trucks with a recent DOT inspection
o New Insurance Options for Owner Operators!
o Group rate purchase options for Physical Damage Insurance (3.8% of truck value)
o Base Plate Program
o Access to National Accounts for Discounted Tires and Maintenance
o Health Insurance Options via partnership with True North/True Choices program

How to Qualify:
o Have 36 Months of Verifiable OTR Experience in the Last 5 Years
o Have 1 year of OTR Van experience
o Be 35 Years of Age or Older
o Live in our hiring area
o Possess Current Class A CDL
o Must have current DOT Physical (not set to expire within 90 days of Hire Date)

Build your story at American Trucking and Logistics Inc; where honor, integrity, and trust have made a comeback.

: Anthony

Job Type: 1099 - Independent Contractor or Business Owners


The location of the job is: Mian

: Jacksonville

: Florida

: 32034

You can contact us via email

Or give us a call!:2173422285 x 101

Categories: Transportation


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