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Job Description: Are you looking for a dynamic work environment where you can work with our Claims Department in providing world class customer service? Join our Altamonte Springs, FL team as a Claims Supervisor! 

As a Claims Supervisor, you will provide critical support to the Claims Manager in providing superior service to our customers. You will train, coach, and develop a team of Claims Associates with entry to intermediate skill levels. This role places special emphasis on providing prompt, effective claim handling and service to all policyholders and claimants, while complying with appropriate policies and guidelines.

Essential Functions The following duty statements are illustrative of essential functions of the job and do not include other non-essential or marginal duties that may be required.

1. Claim Assignment Provides direction and follow-up instructions to Claims Associates on assigned claims. Assists assigned Associates in the resolution of coverage and other claim related issues as required. Makes recommendations to the Claim Manager for authority and claim resolution as needed.
2. Claim Handling - Ensures that investigation is completed timely on claims to assigned Claims Associates. Provides direction and guidance to the Claims Associates in gathering information necessary to ensure fair and prompt resolution of claims. Evaluates Claims Associates' claims on an ongoing basis and makes recommendations as necessary to facilitate final claim disposition. Delegate authority appropriately to Claims Associates. Ensures investigations are conducted appropriately and claims are concluded within the appropriate standard, as defined by the appropriate guidelines.
3. Diary and File Review - Maintains a current diary on all claims with exposure. Delegate authority to appropriate Claims Associates, as required. Conducts periodic spot checks of claim files not being followed on a regular diary to ensure compliance with internal and external procedures and guidelines.

4. Training - Assists in identifying training needs for individual assigned Claim Adjusters. Aids in the development, administration and evaluating of training aids and programs to achieve this objective.
5. Talent Management - Assists in the preparation and administering of performance reviews for assigned Claims Associates. Assist with interviewing applicants and makes recommendations for new hires. May also be involved in disciplinary action and/or terminations, as necessary.

Additional Responsibilities
Remains current with emerging industry requirements in order to recommend appropriate business solutions.
May handle claims directly as needed.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Interpersonal Competencies
Superior oral and written communication skills used to interact with all levels of internal and external customers.
Ability to interact with others in one-on-one situations to identify issues/problems and provide training/coaching to correct problem areas.
Computer literacy and ability to use applicable software.
Ability to be flexible and prioritize multiple tasks.

Self-Management Competencies
Strong project management and organization skills.
Multi-tasking ability within a dynamic business environment.
Strong analytical skills.
Problem-solving skills.
Effective and timely decision-making skills.

Training, Education, Certifications, and Work Experience
Bachelor degree preferred plus 3 years of claims handling experience or a comparable combination of education and experience.
Demonstrated technical expertise in claims management.
Ability to quickly gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the homeowner policies and endorsements is critical.
Appropriate licensing in the States in which the position operates.
Prior supervisory or management experience preferred.
Insurance certificates, courses, or professional designations preferred.

**This is an in house role in our Altamonte Springs Office.**

: HR

Job Type: W2 - Employee


The location of the job is:215 N. Westmonte Drive

: Altamonte Springs

: Florida

: 32714

You can contact us via email

Or give us a call!:8037482512

Categories: Insurance


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