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 Hello future employee, my name is:Dj Wilson

We are searching for applicants to fill the role of: Sales Person

: Ad space is vital to our livelihood. We sell ad space to staffing agencies, resume services, career coaching services and any other businesses that align with job search. There are thousands of opportunities for building long term relationships with our customers.

This role has many freedoms. Work from home or anywhere you want. Products can be modified, added, or taken away to best suit your sales needs. We are looking for a social butterfly that loves to improve processes and teach our customers about our products. We are building our sale-force from the ground up. We have a product to sell and we need your help to sell it while simultaneously building a process to sell it. If you can help us achieve this, You will climb the ladder as fast as you build it!

Must be willing to communicate in many different ways to our customers. Phone calls, emails, social media messaging, smoke signals, carrier pigeon, in-person meetings.

Commissions 25% on any of our products
Keep in mind, you can sell multiple quantities(months per ad) of our products. There is no cap or limit to your success!

Job Type: 1099

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Felony Policy : We are a felon friendly company

:Check out the products you would sell

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You can contact us via email

Or give us a call!:815-985-8604


Categories: Sales & Marketing

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