What’s Behind Door Number Two?


 We are often faced with making decisions such as multiple job offers. Some people become very stuck as if they were a deer in headlights. Your decision making skills need practice just like any other skill. 

 Have you ever met someone that just naturally takes the reins and makes decisions with clarity and ease? These are the people that exercise their decision making muscles. They recognize that it's important to “make the decision”. Any decision is a good decision to be made. No decision is exempt from practice. Instead of just grabbing a shirt from the closet tomorrow morning, try to make a very intentional decision based on some factor in your day. For some people this may seem pointless but this is the little known leadership skill that can greatly benefit your job search destiny. Small decisions with focused intentions will change your perspective. 

 After you become proficient in picking your clothes for the day you will start to naturally make decisions for groups of friends or family. Example, have you ever been in this conversation?
“What do you want to tonight?"
 “I don’t know. What do you want to do tonight?" 
This conversation naturally goes back-and-forth until you run out of time in the night. When you become the one that stops this vicious cycle and makes a decision, your friends will start to look to you as a social leader. When you become a social leader your decision making skills will start to be a natural force to be reckoned with.  

 This leads to our very tough decision of job A, job B, or job C. Which door do you pick?  When a decision effects your destiny, you don’t want to screw it up.  This is why much practice is needed. Your decision will be made with the most clarity because you are the one that picks out your own socks, intentionally. And you picked out what movie to watch because no one else will. And you select your own destiny. This is your life and no one will live it as intentionally as you.