"WTF" Word to Friends

Lets talk about the when your closest friends hold you back from excelling in the job that you love.  

We all have friends that are overpowering with their opinions. Some are right, some are wrong. We need to take a grain of salt while listening to their advice. Our friends influence us if we like it or not. Friends that are negative will shoot you down every time. They may good intentions, but because of their insecurities, they want everyone to stay on their level. You must be critical of all advice when it comes to your dreams. If you want to be an astronaut, then do your own research. Your friends will have opinions but they will not do the research for you. Your dream job is within. You just need to figure out how to make it happen. We live in an age of research. The person you may know and trust might be giving you false advice. Be selective. When you decide to pursue your dreams, you will have many obstacles. Your friends may love you and do anything for you but you have to understand that they have different morals and values. Your dreams will be a distant second to use their priorities. Although they do want to protect you, their advice may be wrong. While doing research you will find there are many experts that align with your dream. So, your dream is your baby and you should defend it from anyone. You will excel if you have the passion and purpose.

Your friends will still be your friends and you will make new friends. You can handpick these new friends to help you achieve your dreams and your purpose. "But wait" you say. What do I do with my old friends? Some of them will be friends to the end and support you no matter what. Understand that their vision is different than yours. This will reinforce your friendship. But some friends will change direction and leave. These friends are just an indication of how life works. Everyone loses friends. Think about that friend that moved away when you were in third grade and you never seen again. You were sad for a long time but eventually got over it and met new friends. This is life. And it is way too short to worry about what other people think. So do not ever stop pursuing your dream job. Be the cause of your own life.