How to Post in our Facebook Groups


Facebook has changed a group setting, making it nearly impossible to properly screen for spammers and scammers on our 54 Facebook groups. We have a solution to keep genuine posts on our groups. We will be directing all postings through our website, . Our website has the best screening process in the United States.  After a posting is screened, it is then posted to the corresponding state group on Facebook automatically via group admin. When you see your posting appear in the group, you can "like" or "comment" on it to get notifications. Post as much as you want for FREE! 

This is the process,

  • Post a job or job request to the website (
  • The post gets screened and added to the correct city page on our website
  • An admin of our Facebook groups then posts it to the appropriate state group 
  • Like, comment, or share your post when it shows up on the Facebook group
  • Repeat as often as you want!

Again, the reason we must do it this way is because of a Facebook (group) setting that helped weed out the spam before, is no longer an option. Since our screening process is better than Facebook's process, we set all 54 of our groups to an "admins only" postings status. This means group admins are the only ones that can post to our Facebook groups. This helps real people like you have an advantage because seekers are not clouded by tons of spam. It's easy for your local job market to connect with you. Happy job hunting!