School of Jobs

Finding a job well in high school is very challenging. Most parents do not remember the challenges of being a teenager. It's bad enough when your parent does not understand you and you rely on them for your allowance. Your time is now Mr. or Ms. high school senior. This is can be a scary time. You are about to venture into the world and take reins of your own destiny. The problem is your school I did not teach you enough to efficiently search for a job. You have to rely on life to slap you around a bit. 

The rules of job search or simple. When you are confident you will have a great first impression on any job site. You should always be willing to think on your feet, compromise, and look for opportunities. As a late teenager you will have all kinds of emotions going into this process. Just remember, you are as sharp as a tack and nothing can stop you. You are a teenager and that means you have the ability to encourage yourself before most major life events that could take away your confidence. 

Teenagers today have tons of resources. The age of "google it" is upon us. We can search and search and search but most people cannot out research a in a vicious teenager. Embrace technology! It's the young adult's greatest asset.