8 Jobs that Accept Tips

8 jobs that accept tips

Before we talk about the main occupations that except tips it's good to know that you can tip anyone that performs a service for you. If you appreciate someone for what they did for you it is ok to tip them. 

So, if you are looking for an occupation that tips are a common method of pay then we have eight jobs for you. 

  1. Taxi driver - Some people do not realize that tipping is part of a taxi drivers pay. A good Taxi driver can make two or three dollars per customer in tips. A great taxi driver can easily pull on average $10 per customer. It's a matter of conversation and a driver that makes you feel comfortable. They should always be tipped. It's a great way to say thank you to someone that will get you there safely and also cause you to enjoy your ride.

  2. Server - Like the taxi driver a sizable portion of their pay comes from tips. Sometimes a server only makes two or three dollars an hour but their tips can propel them as high as $20 an hour if they are an excellent server. A good server listens to every need of their customer(verbally expressed or otherwise) . If a server goes out of their way to engage in a genuinely friendly conversation while still remembering your order, they must be tipped well.

  3. Computer repair technician - This is an underdog service and you should watch for that opportunity to tip this person. They saved your productivity and if you're surprised that they didn't charge much, it may be because it was a simple job for them. But this person might be making near minimum wage for a very technical skill. It's very good to throw this person a 10 or $20 tip. They will remember you the next time you have a computer issue. Since tipping isn't very common in this occupation, don't be surprised if they do something extra next time as they are likely they remember you.

  4. Food delivery person - Be sure to tip your pizza guy! Like a server their pay is very minimum. So even in a circumstance where service is mediocre it's still a good idea to pay the tip this person. A delivery job is commonly a job to "get back on your feet". If they are on time and the food is warm but they seem a little depressed it is good to tip with empathy. This person may have a great life, loves to be around people, and is only having a bad day. But if you assume on the side of empathy no one is going to be offended if you are wrong.

  5. Tow truck driver - If this person is thorough and does not damage your car then they might be worthy of a tip. If they have a great personality and drive you and your car 50 miles to the next service station then consider tipping them well. A common tip for this type of service is around $10 or $20.

  6. Utility repair technician. Like your computer guy or gal, these people really save your day. Tip them well if they fixed your air conditioning or upgraded your cable. Plumbers have a very dirty job and electricians have a very dangerous job. They also might be making around minimum-wage. So if their service rocks, tip them well! A common tip is around $10 or $20

  7. Hospice Care Giver - What a great way to say thank you to the person that has been taking care of your family member. If your family member is terminal and this person is a rockstar at making them feel comfortable then the care giver deserves tips and they deserve them often. The comfort of your family member is sacred this is not a time to be stingy. If you can't afford it and offer something else like a home cooked meal. Tip are not just monetary. Get creative.

  8. Police officer - So, there's a process for this. Do not go tipping your police officer as they might consider this a bribe and you could get in trouble! If you wanted to thank them for their service you can call the police department and find out how to donate to them. This helps with many expenses on in the Police Department. Some departments will give you a donation sticker for your car. The sticker lets the next officer (that pulls you over) know that you appreciate them.

Tips are a great way to say "thank you" even though this is the "tip of the iceberg" when it comes to jobs that accept tips. Tips on tipping: Ask yourself did they serve you well? Also ask your self was this person genuine? But the main thing to think about is many people are paid many different ways. And if you don't know how someone is being paid for the service is, a little extra can't hurt. Always take the side of generosity. You can never go wrong.

Happy job hunting!