What the heck is a Pop-A-Post?!?!

As you may know it is free to post here on our website, Realjobpostings.com.  We also have a variety of paid services that can enhance your visibility. 

When you post a job on this site for free, it gets added to our home page, Facebook page, Twitter, and your state specific Facebook group. But, when you opt for a Pop-A-Post, it goes out to all the regular social media and then some. We add Pop-A-Post job listings to our home page, your states directory, the 500(and counting) city pages on our site, and all 57 of our Facebook groups automatically. So basically your $18.99 listing gets seen by the entire nation. Pretty darn cool, right?

The same madness goes if you are looking for a job. For $7.99, you too can tell the nation that you are job searching like crazy. This is a great way to put yourself out there. We can reach thousands of employers. $7.99 can make a heck of a difference with your job search.

here's a Live Example of a Pop-A-Post

So consider a Pop-A-Post. You will cover so much more ground for very little cost. Happy job hunting! 

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