Minimum Wage, Forget About It!

In the United States, there is a constant cry for equality and fairness for careers. But, not all careers are created equally. A person that is sweeping the floor at a doctors office probably should not be earning the same as the doctor. It wouldn't be very fair. After all the doctor has put in years of education to earn the wages that they receive. This is an extreme example of how careers are not equal. There are many more careers with the earnings that are too close to quantify. 

The focus on minimum-wage has become out of control. People spend their entire life complaining about minimum-wage. Let's make it $15, $20, $100 an hour. When will it satisfy.  

The real problem is personal accountability. If you are an ambitious person, then minimum wage will never matter to you. Ambition will cause you to have a job that is mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially fulfilling. Whatever a person focuses on will be what they get out of life. If you focus on the minimum, you will get the minimum. If you focus on shooting for the stars, then you will become a rock star of life. It's just the way the world works. So, stop focusing on minimum-wage. Worrying about it is like a rocking chair. It will give you something to do but it won't really get you anywhere. 

The following is an actual quote from one of our groups that highlights the ugly entitlement that shows up in every job search scene:

Christ, 8.25, you guys sure as heck aren't giving anyone any breaks huh. Lord you'd think the cost of living was less. 
Might as well go work at mcdonalds, at least then it makes sense why your dirt broke" Says  Jon B. in a reply to minimum wage job post  

Jenny Jobs replied, "What's better, Jon B? Sitting at home at making $0, or making $8.25 at a stepping stone job? If someone is ambitious, they won't be making minimum wage for very long. If they are filled with attitude, envy, and entitlement they will never make it passed their stepping stone jobs. People need to stop focusing on the minimum and start focusing on themselves and how they can excel. By doing this Jon B, a person might find a role that is more financially fulfilling than your depressing McDonald's scenario. Don't discount an opportunity because of what you see on the surface. There might just a better opportunity inside this one."

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