Mom and Pop Shop (The First Time Hire)

You started your business a few years ago. Your business is doing well and it is time to hire your first employee. "How do I pay for an employee," you ask? The first time you hire someone is the scariest. You have been staring at the numbers for a long time and there's no way around it. You need help.

The best way to find someone that shares your hard-working attitude and willingness to work more than the average employee is to take inventory of your own personality traits. You will be looking for someone that complements your own work ethic and is trustworthy. You might be asking yourself "Should I hire a friend or a family member or should I hire a total stranger". The answer is YES! You can hire anyone that fits the role.

Try not to worry about the "what ifs" of firing and friend or relative. Having a business comes with all kinds of challenges. You will have to fire someone someday. Try not to let it effect your hiring decision today.

You just have to be intentional about the personality traits that you are looking. Trust your instincts. The person you're considering to hire might be likable but, if the rub you the wrong way, do not hire them. But, understand that this it will be a huge learning experience for you. You may not know what you want until you get what you don't want. You have to keep trying to bring the right person on board. Most mom and pop shops hire two or three people and then give up because they hired the wrong people. If you give up, you will start to regress and your business will start moving backwards. Have confidence and keep trying you will find the correct person.

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